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Our Products

The Italian Group prides itself on using the best quality ingredients, sourced locally and natural & organic where possible.

We specialise in freshly baked artisan sourdoughs and produce a wide variety of flavours with our Baker’s bread of the day. Flavours such as prune & walnut, Italian herb & olives, seeded spelt, multi seeded and chilli & smoked cheddar always prove very popular. We also bake the classic range of white, wholemeal and harvest grain breads along with traditionally Italian Focaccia breads and a variety of bread rolls.

Our artisan bread is skilfully made and baked by our experienced bakers using the best natural and organic ingredients available. Each bake is monitored to ensure perfection by adjusting the time and temperature using their experience and time-tested baking techniques. The Italian Bakery artisan sourdoughs are renowned for having a superior flavour and texture to that of other commercially produced bread. Did you know sourdough is a healthier alternative to the traditional British loaf? Lower in gluten and an increase in prebiotics, are just some of the benefits of devouring one of our delicious sourdough artisan loaves.

Also very popular with locals and visitors alike are our delicious variety of handmade artisan sausage rolls: Dijon mustard, Italian herb, pesto & parmesan, nduja and vegetarian options are just a few of the great flavour combinations on offer. Our main ingredients for our sausage rolls are sourced from our local butcher, alongside the authentic Italian ingredients of parmesan, nduja sausage and Italian herbs.

Along with our artisan bread and sausage rolls, we are very proud to bake a huge variety of sweet and savoury products which our talented bakers, pastry chefs and cake makers produce six days a week. All our cakes are handmade; our confectionary department has grown from one team member working in our small bakery in Wareham to a full-time team of three professional and two part time passionate cake makers all busily working from our large bakery unit in Swanage to enable us to keep up with the demand! We love to produce a combination of traditional British flavours inspired by homemade century old recipes mixed together with the Italian flavours and inspiration. This combination produces amazing flavours for our cakes, which are a must try.

We are really proud of our new sandwiches, wraps and salad bowls to take away from both of our bakery shops or eat in our Swanage bakery shop. With names such as Chicken Swagger, Hammy Dilly Dally and Pinky Promise they are as delicious as their names are crazy! We have spent time creating these new products and we know you will love them too.

Our Swanage Bakery Shop also serves an all-day full English breakfast, omelettes or a healthier avocado on sourdough toast with smokey chilli jam. We have traditional ploughman's too. And don't forget there’s always plenty of choice of cakes! We have an alcohol licence for our Swanage Bakery Shop with a selection of local beers and ciders along with wine and prosecco.

Lunch to Go! Is exclusively available from our Italian Bakery | Street Pizza Team in Wareham. A pared down version of our evening Street Pizza menu, our Lunch To Go! Menu is a delicious selection of Pizzettes, Salads, Serving and Sides all prepared and ready for you to eat on the go. Made by our experienced Street Pizza Chefs with the same quality ingredients and authentic Italian flavours. Served Monday to Sunday 12-4pm in Wareham Italian Bakery.

Join us to sit in or take away: a coffee break of Dorset Apple slice and an Illy coffee, or a relaxed lunch snack of a pesto & parmesan sausage roll with a freshly squeezed orange juice, or an afternoon treat of an éclair and a traditional cup of tea. We have so many delicious options to choose from.

If you would like to know more about our wholesale service please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01929 552242 with any enquires and we will be pleased to assist.